Rachel Lynch Lin


FEMA Disasters

Four-week long project to create a full stack web app using FEMA’s disaster declaration database, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, and libraries for a richer user interface design and functional user experience.

Responsive Website

Built with HTML and Bootstrap 4 that has a variety of animations using CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Cryptocurrency Web App

Single page web application that utilizes a Cryptocurrency API. It displays a data-table of one API call. It has placeholder sections to allow users to search for specific information which would update the table and display a corresponding graph.

Since 1993

Quick Summary - I Am Looking for Work!

I have experience with full stack engineering and responsive web app development. The languages I am most familiar with are Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and CSS. I am also familiar with several frameworks and libraries in addition to database/industry tools.

I also am working to use my software engineering skills for fun by developing projects with microcontrollers such as Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. You can view those projects here.

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